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Mission & Goals

We seek to continue to be vigilant stewards of our crab resources and the environment, provide economic stability to our industry and Alaska's coastal communities, and produce premier crab products for our American and global customers. ABSC will stand together to be actively involved in all aspects of crab fishery research, sound management and marketing. We will be proactive advocates to benefit the crab resource and the independently owned businesses of Alaska's Bering Sea crab fisheries. By participating in the regulatory process, we can continue to make a positive difference for the fishing fleets and families that depend on our crab fisheries for their livelihood.

How We Fish

The waters of the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands are home to seven different crab fisheries that members of the alliance depend upon. These fisheries are in the seventh year of an innovative catch share program. During this season, the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands crab fisheries will provide more than 100 million pounds of wholesome and delicious, sustainable crab to customers around the world. While crab fishing occurs throughout the entire range for each type of crab, the combined yearly impact "footprint" is less than one-half of a square mile on the ocean floor.


Prior to our Crab Program fishing in the Bering Sea was considered the "Deadliest" job in the United States... This section is dedicated to all the lives lost at sea while commercial fishing in North Pacific waters. "In fact, the Bering Sea crab fisheries can claim the lowest loss of life for all of Alaska's major fisheries."


Our History

King crab stocks in the Bering Sea have supported a valuable commercial fishery for more than 75 years, and nearly 50 years for snow crab. Foreign owned vessels fished in Alaska's waters without restriction until the Magnuson-Stevens Act created a 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone. The Act mandated the phase-out of foreign vessels and led to the development of U.S. Fishery Management Plans that formed the foundation for sustainable fisherie.

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